I discovered my sculpting talent quite by accident while a dental student at University of Alabama. Students were required to carve teeth out of wax as an exercise to teach dental anatomy. I found I was pretty good at it and this led to carving small charms and jewelry out of wax in my spare time and casting them in gold for my wife. One day while browsing through an art bronze gallery, my wife asked if I could carve something larger like the bronzes we were seeing. I told her I probably could. So, I went home carved from wax, two whitetail bucks fighting. This was cast in bronze and became my first attempt as a sculptor.

I did several more bronzes of mainly wildlife over the next few years in the early 1990’s. But, the time demands of a young family, a busy orthodontic practice and a farm, put my art career on hold. When I retired from the practice of orthodontics in 2014 and moved to my farm in Akron, Alabama, my interest in sculpting was rekindled. To this point, I was totally self taught having never had any type of art instruction. After a chance of meeting with world renown artist Caleb O’Connor, that changed. After perusing some of my work, he invited me to be an assistant in his sculpting of a life-size bronze of Deonte Wilder, the boxing world champion. Over the next several months, Caleb refined my skills and showed me how to apply them on a monumental scale. I am now applying that knowledge to my own life sized sculptures that I will soon share on this site.

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    Tall Tales